TS 1500 Rupees Status Check EPOS online, KCR Scheme DBT Response

Telangana State Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced to offer the support for the below-poverty line people in the state. During the lockdown, the Telangana state government promised to offer Rs 1500, 12 Kg rice for the white ration cardholders. During the COVID situation, the nation has been declared a health emergency. Due to this crisis situation, many of the poor and BPL people are struggling for daily necessaries. To support them the Telangana State Government has implemented the EPOS scheme. At present, the Telangana state Government has deposited Rs 1500 in 84 lakh accounts as it promised. People who are eligible to get these benefits can check the TS State Government website to check more about this scheme.

TS 1500 Rupees Status Check EPOS online, KCR Scheme DBT Response

The Telangana state government has offered the relief package during the lock-down period. The KCR scheme is launched for the support of a very needy person. As a benefit of this scheme, the Government promised to deposit a sum of Rs 1500 for white ration cardholders and also promised to offer 12 Kg of rice for free. The sum will be deposited directly into the accounts of beneficiaries. The white ration card holder’s information will be collected by the ePOS system. All the Jan Dhan account holders will get a sum of Rs 1500. People who belong to poor and BPL categories can check DBT Transfer Money Response Status whether the government has transferred or not. Also, they can apply for the benefits if they do not get yet.

In countrywide lock-down, the persons and family members are facing the very critical issue of feeding and money. So the Government of Telangana helping to out form this situation by one-time financial help to all White Ration Cardholder of the state. The government is also started distributing the 12 kg Ration to all families. So now the person who is truly beneficiary for the TS Government 1500 Rupees Help DBT Transfer is now checked their ePOS Status of money credit or not.

Telangana Government 1500 Rupees Scheme Payment Status

The Government of Telangana is offering the TS 1500 Rupees DBT Transfer for the needy people by the ePOS Government of Telangana. The Government is supporting poor families during the lockdown period. Jan Dhan account holders, daily wage workers, white ration cardholders are going to get Rs 1500 during the lockdown period. As of now, the Government has transferred the amount to 84 lakh accounts. People who are eligible to get the benefits of this scheme can check the status from the EPOS official website, epos.telangana.gov.in.

Telangana Rs 1500 Lockdown Aid – Important Details

Department ePOS Government of Telangana
Scheme Name TS 1500 Rupees DBT Transfer
State Telangana
Benefits under Scheme Rs 1500 Rupees & 12 KG Rice
Scheme Type Free
Scheme Duration  Only One Time Financial Help
DBT Transfer Status Check Online
Beneficiary Eligibility Only White Ration Card Holder
Total Beneficiary under This Scheme 84 lakh +
Official website epos.telangana.gov.in

People who are eligible to get the lockdown aid in Telangana can check the EPOS website to check their status. As the social distancing is the only way to control the dangerous coronavirus infection, the Government has announced the lockdown till 7 May. During the lockdown season, the Government is providing the Corona Sahayata Scheme to support the poor people in the state. To avail of this scheme, the beneficiaries must have the ration card number or Aadhaar (UID) number. The status can be checked from the following link.

Eligibility To get Rs 1500 by TS Government

The Telangana state government has released the Corona Sahayata Scheme beneficiaries list on its EPOS website. Here are the primary credentials of eligibility to avail of this scheme.

  • The candidates must be Telangana State.
  • Must have White Ration Card

Telangana Government Corona Help Scheme Benefits

Daily wage workers, white ration cardholders will get financial help from the state government of Telangana. Each family, which belongs to the poor and BPL category can avail of the following benefits.

  • Rs. 1500/- Rupees in Bank Account DBT Transfer.
  • 12 kg Rice per family.

The beneficiaries list will be accessible on the TS EPOS official website. Where the beneficiaries can check the district-wise beneficiaries list.

How to Check status for Telangana 1500 Corona Help DBT Transfer Status Online

  • Initially, Visit at the official website of Telangana Government Electronic Point Of Sale (ePOS).
  • Now Click on The DBT Response Status Check on the left side Reports panel.
  • Enter your Ration Card number.
  • Click on Get Details link.
  • The status of the DBT Transfer Response for 1500 Rupees will be displayed on the screen.

Telangana state government is working hard to control the COVID infection. As of now, the state government has transferred the promised amount to 84 lakh accounts in the state. Candidates who do not get the lockdown benefit can approach the state government officials through the EPOS portal for necessary help.

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