An autonomous body under the Ministry of Education, Government of India, New Delhi


  • KVS started in 1963 and now completed its 59 years of career, and is now in its 60th year.
  • KVS has 1252 central schools with more than 14.5 lacking students, getting education through it.
  • KVS always cares its students in every step of education and give encourages the students to grow in the nation and give valuable support to our country and family.

Vision and Mission of KVS


KVS always believes in quality education ,therefore  it always convey the talent(knowledge) and rising the talent,creativity and passionate character of its students seeking excellent through high quality educational venture.


  • To provide the educational requirement of children of transferable central government bodies including paramilitary and defence bodies by providing a common programme of education.
  • To maintain the excellence and persistence in the field of school education.
  • To encourage experimentation and innovation In education, with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), etc.
  • To develop the spirit with nation and country.
  • To maintain the quality education for children of central government employees which is transferable in nation time to time in the country.

Silent feather of KVS

  • Common textbook and the same medium for all Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • All schools are affiliated with CBSE
  • All schools are co-educational and ,composites school
  • Sanskrit subject unto class VI-VIII
  • No tuition fee up to class VIII, and No fee for girls upto Class XII and SC/ST students and children of all KVS employees.

Organization body OF KVS

1.0 Commissioner :(Mrs. Nidhi Pandey IIS)

1.1 Additional commissioner academic (vacant)                                                                                

  • Jt. commissioner academic (Sh.N.R murali)
  • Jt. commissioner training(M.S Chandana Mandal)

1.2 Additional commissioner administration(vacant)

  • Jt. Commissioner administration I(Mrs. Ajeeta Longjam)
  • Jt. Commissioner Administration II(Dr, Jaideep das)
  • Jt. Commissioner Personnel (Dr. P.Devakumar)
  • Jt. Commissioner Finance (Sh. Satya Naryan Gulia)

1.3 OSD (defence)

  • Lt. col. Dinesh sharma

1.4 Superintending engineer(Sh.Anuj vij)


KVS has executed such type of strategy which will enhance the effectiveness of information and communication technology(ICT).Therefore it have acquired additional computers and computer libraries.Due to this Pupil PC ration Decreases from 53:1 to 18:1 as of august,2023.


1Total number of functional KVS1253
2Total number of computers in KVS76467
3Total number of computers in lab    63770
4Total students in KVS          1387767
5Student computer ratio  18:1
6KVS having computer labs    1245(99.76%)
7 KVS having internet connection1251(99.84%)
8KVS having broadband connection1226 (97.85%)  
9KVS having self websites1253(100%)
10KVS having e-class room facility13011
11Total number of personalized learning using connected classroom solution in 265 KVS under PMJVK scheme of Ministry Affair277
12Total number of e-learning solution in 238 kvs under PMJVK scheme of ministry of affairs2310
13KVS with modernized science lab928
14No. Of Digital language lab376


1Admission fee   25.0
2Re-Admission fee100
3Tuition fee per month
3.1Class IX & X (boy)200
3.2Class XI & XII Commerce and Humanities (boy)300
3.3Class XI & XII Science(boy)400
4.0Computer fund
4.1Class III onward100
4.2Computer science fee(for elective subjects in XI & XII)  150
5.0Vidyala vikash Nidhi From class I -XII(per month)500

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